Sport and Adventure

Of course our beaches are nicer than others, but this is no reason to reduce the Great Island to the image of a seaside resort.

While some people fancy lazing on the shore of a sumptuous lagoon during their stay, the current trend seems to be towards activity vacations. And Madagascar has incredible, unique natural assets for this.

Over the whole country you can find an array of hikes and treks varying in length and effort. From small family excursions to the biggest expeditions in the heart of the bush, many operators will offer you routes to suit your tastes. Note however that the hot season, especially on the coast, can make walking particularly difficult. The same applies to motor sports (motorbikes, quad bikes) and mountain biking. Tracks wend their way in all directions and weave a real spider web throughout the country.

Dare, explore, discover the wonderful bush world off the beaten track. Whitewater activities are rapidly expanding (canoeing, kayaking, rafting) and enthusiasts will find the right profile river, from a smooth glide down to the fastest rapids. The great extent and variety of the waterway network makes for all-year-round watersport.

If you feel like a fish (or dolphin), there are more and more water activities in all the seaside resorts. The classic sports are possible in excellent conditions on all coasts.

  • Surfers will focus on the South which has the most beautiful waves you could ever dream of.
  • Kiters and windsurfers can choose between the Diego area (Sakalava Bay, Emerald Sea) and the South, from Tulear to Fort Dauphin.

These spots are available outside of the rainy season ; as soon as the trade winds begin to blow, things get under way.

For game fishing, the No Kill practice is generally accepted and despite a certain seasonal character, you can go out to sea almost all year round. You will find specific craft in all the coast resorts.

  • Pleasure boats and marinas are still few and far between but the Nosy Be area is particularly well equipped. All sorts of sailing craft are rented out, skippers are experienced and the waters of the region particularly suitable for sailing outside the rainy season. And then you may have specific, maybe more technical expectations.
  • Paragliders basically crisscross the high plateaus and do a little on the south coast. The Tana-Tulear line has made it possible to set up flight spots along the entire route. The rainy season must be avoided because of the heat and stormy weather.
  • Climbing has two world-famous sites attracting climbers from the world over

The Diego Suarez area, which provides short routes on spectacular limestone cliffs, and the Tsaranoro valley, at the foot of the Andringitra (south of Fianarantsoa/Ambalavao) with its fabulous 800-metre granite walls, a dream for the boldest climbers.

  • Caving is undoubtedly the oldest activity. This started in colonial days, and the exploring potential seems infinite ; there is no doubt that people keep stumbling across wonders such as the recently-discovered network near Tulear which has attracted the attention of scientists and fans from all over the world.
  • Canyoning is still in its infancy and is done mainly in the highlands and the Andringitra park. The playful side of this activity should make for rapid growth in popularity with more and more of our Reunion friends coming over.

You can see that Mada is not just a beautiful beach, our canyons, tracks, mountains and skies are waiting for you to have amazing times in the heart of Nature.

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