47 km south-east of Ambalavao covering ​​31,160 hectares. Apart from the appeal of its unique scenery, its biodiversity is just as important thanks to thirty species of orchids, for which the park is famous. Andringitra offers various mountain hikes including climbing the “Pic Boby“, the second highest but sole accessible summit in Madagascar, which is 2,658 metres high. In addition to spectacular scenery of high mountains and waterfalls and a natural pool, there are 106 bird species, 16 insectivore species, 11 rodent species, 13 lemur species, 57 amphibian species, 35 reptile species, 48 species of non-flying mammals (rodents, insectivores, carnivores and primates).

The nearby Namoly and Tsaranoro valleys are favourable, fabulous grounds for hiking, trekking, climbing, and paragliding enthusiasts.