The Pangalanes Canal

The Pangalanes Canal is a 600 km-long succession of lakes, lagoons and river mouths. Created at the end of the 19th century, it runs along the entire length of the east coast between the cities of Toamasina (Madagascar’s largest port) and Manakara. Protected from the fury of the Indian Ocean, this canal is vital to moving out all the cash crops from these green farming regions, including coffee, pineapples, litchis and also spices such as vanilla and cloves. Due to silting up, the canal is only navigable between Toamasina and Andovoranto then between Mahanoro and Mananjary. From Toamasina, the Pangalanes offers outstanding, quiet trips for one or more days to explore luxuriant vegetation. Traveling from village to village by outboard canoe, this immense water corridor with its constantly changing views is an exotic and colourful experience.